How Using Custom Boxes Will Enhance Your Brand

Custom gift boxes can do much more than impress your friends with fancy wrapping. They can enhance your brand and put your business at the forefront of the industry. We know that running your own business already has its daily challenges, but using custom designs for your branded packaging can really take your business to the next level.

Judging a book by its cover

Some of us don’t like to admit this, but we do judge people, things, and even books by their covers. We can’t help ourselves, but we live in a society whereby first impressions count and if you don’t impress, there’s a chance you’ve lost. This isn’t just dressing smart for an interview or how you look on a first date. This is also in terms of branding. If your branded packaging is dull and difficult to use, it is likely to put off repeat customers and not attract any new ones.

Branding is vital for your business, and you need to ensure you stand out from the rest. First impressions are key to attracting new customers, keeping loyal ones and being recognised. Being creative with your branded packaging will really work in your favour, especially using a special, custom gift box to wrap your products to make it more personal and make your customers feel valued.

Talking of value…

By creating a unique custom design for your branded packaging, not only makes your customers feel valued, but it also adds a special touch to your products. It communicates that you care and it creates the perception of a high quality product. Investing a little time, creativity and money in your branding can really boost the way customers look and think about your business.

Creating brand awareness

We all know what the big golden arches mean. Branding is important. By creating your own custom design of packaging, you are reinforcing your brand.

You want to create a brand that people will learn to know and love. Your brand will raise awareness and allow people to recognise your products just from the custom gift boxes and even the colours and designs that you choose to use, as long as they stand out and are consistent. Consumers will learn to trust you and your products.

Rebranding can also be used to re-ignite your brand by keeping up to date with technological advances, company values and bring a new life to your business. Your branded packaging can be used to reflect this.

Building trust is paramount

By creating a custom design for your branded packaging, you can include any information you want. Information you think would be useful to the consumer, brand information, barcodes, instructions, quotes, pictures, you name it. This builds a sense of trust with consumers, showing transparency and also creativity. Customers appreciate this and depending on what you choose, can either be aesthetically pleasing, useful or just makes you different from other companies.

It needs to look….nice?

We can’t deny our love for pretty, fancy or sophisticated things. If your custom gift box stands out from other, similar products, it has a higher chance of being picked. It needs to be visually pleasing. Who wants the dull, plastic wrapper when we can have a cool custom design?

Step your branded packaging up a level by making it just like Christmas morning for your customers by using branded tissue paper and bespoke ribbons, too. Not only can the extra packaging really enforce your brand with your company colours and patterns, but can also add another level of excitement for customers. It’s the little things that really make a difference for your customer, so make them feel special.

Innovative up cycling

By selling your products in a pretty, custom gift box means that people are less likely to throw it away. It also means that customers are likely to find another use for it at home. Plant pots, jewellery pouches or even just for storage. It’s like two gifts in one! By using your branded packaging around the house also raises awareness of your brand – everyone who comes into the house will see it! This will also give you points for being environmentally friendly and sustainable, especially in the current war on waste.

Let your creative side out

By using custom design boxes, you can create the kind of packaging you want to represent your brand. You have the chance to let your creative side out and produce unique packaging to make you stand out from the rest. How can you create packaging to complement your product?

Custom design boxes make the experience for your customers more special and adds to the quality of the product, making it feel more premium. You can also be creative with the shapes. Creating something different and also more practical to use will always win over customers. Think about the experience. We live in a world where consumers are choosing patterns, ease and convenience over the rest. Put yourself at the forefront.

And, let’s be honest. Custom boxes are just exciting.

Let’s take pillow packs for example. As an adult, getting a new pillow is quite exciting, right? But can you imagine getting a pillow in a custom gift box? How fancy would that feel! By adding a pillow pack to your branded packaging, you increase the quality of the product, giving the perception that it is a premium product and makes you feel special when buying or receiving it.

Just think about the products we buy for ourselves, friends or family, you know there is nothing better than opening that little green box from Tiffany’s or the pink, stripy bag filled with pink tissue paper from Victoria’s Secret?

We all know we are getting something special when we see branded packaging, so why not enhance your own brand with custom designs?