Why Swing Tickets Are Important

Swing tickets have always been a feature of clothes buying. They started off as a practical way of showing the price of garment, but as of late, they have become a pivotal ingredient in retail branding. Clothing tags are probably one of the most low-key and unassuming aspects of clothing, but they carry so much hidden importance for the brand itself. No single piece of garment by a company with excellent marketing would reach the shop floor without a swing ticket and here’s why:

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They Communicate Brand Values And Attributes

Clothing tags can be used to communicate the attributes and values of the brand and is a key marketing tool to reinforce what the brand is all about. It is a hugely missed marketing opportunity for companies that don’t use or utilise them properly – a lack of swing tags is a marketing blunder and a ton of free advertising gone down the drain. They’re a cheaper way of marketing your company than other types of promotion too. Swing tags come in all shapes, sizes and materials, with different typefaces and the look they have is entirely dependent on what values of your brand identity you want communicated. If you want to communicate that your brand is luxurious, you can opt to use high-quality material for the swing tag, with an elegant typeface.

They Influence The Buying Decision Of Consumers

Swing tags and tickets for retail can influence the buying decision of the consumer as they communicate what the brand is all about. If there’s a poorly designed clothing swing ticket, it can give the impression that the clothing is also poorly designed and put consumers off purchasing the garment. Your brand is represented by the product packaging and labels for clothing are no exception to this.

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You Can Communicate Directly With Customers

Clothing swing tickets are a perfect opportunity for you to talk to your customers and convince them to purchase your garment. Through communicating directly to your consumers, you will be able to talk about what’s so great about your brand and what’s so unique about this particular garment. You should use the clothing labels as a full communication channel with your customers, mentioning contact details, as well as your social media details. This ensures that you are using the swing tags to its full marketing potential and maximising on promotion.

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