Environmentally Friendly Products

We pride ourselves on pioneering new eco-friendly products that are ethically sourced.

Make the Necessary Changes

British Tags is passionate about our environment, and our mission is to be the leading UK supplier of environmentally friendly branded promotional, packaging, and labelling products. We understand that change begins at home, and therefore we are working with environmental experts to assist us with our carbon accounting, footprint reduction, and reporting systems. British Tags is committed to achieving our goal of carbon net zero. In the meantime, we are looking to offset any carbon with the best possible ecological initiatives.

As we embark on this environmental journey, we appreciate that each of our products has its own life cycle. Therefore, we are continually researching and developing products with our factories. From renewable sources, eco-friendly materials, water-based inks, recycled yarns, and biodegradable substrates, to our sourcing focuses on ethical factories, which demonstrate strong eco credentials. Including carbon neutral production or associations with environmental trusts and carbon capture schemes.

We hope you can join British Tags on our journey as we all play a vital role in looking after our planet.

Eco Product Examples

Please find a range of just some of our Eco products below. Hover/click/tap any item to visit its product page for more information, but please get in touch about your requirements.

Material Successes

Our drive to find and secure high-quality eco products through new developments in material technology is continuous.  Over the years we have made some significant developments updating our bespoke branded product offering to be kind to the planet.  If you would like to learn more about how we work, and what we offer then please contact us.  Below are just some examples of our Eco driven product successes. Please click on any item for a summary:

British Tags has always been a leader in its field through a continual desire for improvement and innovation. A quest for knowledge. Our attitude towards our environmental responsibility is no different. So, if reducing your carbon footprint is a goal, then please speak to us and we can guide you through the sustainable branded packaging, labelling and promotional options we offer.

Eco Friendly Products