Plastic Carrier Bags

Plastic carrier bags are a cost-effective way to brand your business. You have a choice of low, medium, and high-density plastic as well as biodegradable plastic made from either potato starch or sugar cane, which will decompose in landfill within three years. Compostable bags can be used in your own food compost bin at home – something which consumers love.

A variety of handles are available such as punch handles, patch handles (for added strength), and flexiloop handles, and you can choose to have side or bottom gussets. A ‘duffle-bag’ design with corded pull handles is also an option.

Sampling: Unavailable

Sampling Lead Time: N/A

Bulk Production: Small order 5,000+ – Approx 3.5-4 weeks

Large order 50,000 – Approx 7-8 weeks

Minimum Order: 5000

Maximum Order: 50000

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Eco options include:

  • We can produce fully biodegradable ‘plastic’ carrier bags, made either from 100% potato starch (fully compostable, either used in your food waste bin or on your compost heap) or from 100% sugar cane.

To discover more about our environmental sustainability, ethical policies, SEDEX membership, and more… visit our Eco Page.

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Biodegradable Plastic Bags
Biodegradable Plastic Bags