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Social distancing and the wearing of face masks used to be a major task for everyone. Thankfully that has ended. At British Tags, we did our bit to ensure our clients had everything they needed and this included face masks. You can help to make your environment a safer space, whilst at the same time promoting your business, by giving staff and customers a company-branded washable face mask to wear.

Or maybe you would like to ensure your customers are promoting your brand by giving them the opportunity to buy these accessories from your website or shop. Whether to wear or to sell, the next must-have bespoke item bearing your logo is our customised washable face mask. Evidence shows that wearing a face mask helps remind the user not to touch their face.

We offer a range of different quality face masks, some with fixed 3-layers and also a 2-layer option for use with a disposable filter. We can also produce our branded reusable face masks to your specification. These face masks are NOT medical grade; they are for personal use and protection and are manufactured to REACH standards. They are held on the face using black or white elastic looped over the ears for a secure but comfortable fit.

Your custom-printed reusable face masks can have a variety of different coloured backgrounds, with your logo custom printed in your choice of colours including glow-in-the-dark for those who need to wear their face masks in low light.

Sampling Lead Time: 2 weeks

Bulk Production: About 3 weeks

Minimum Order: 500

Artwork: Available with creative designs free of charge in about 1 day

Please note:

These masks are not medical grade and we make no such claim. The use wears them at their own risk.

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Eco options include:

  • Reusable/washable
  • Recyclable

To discover more about our environmental sustainability, ethical policies, SEDEX membership, and more… visit our Eco Page.

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Branded Face Masks
Branded Face Masks
Branded Face Masks
Branded Face Masks
Branded Face Masks
Branded Face Masks
Branded Face Masks

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