We design and supply your customised medals in a variety of different materials along with branded ribbon with a safety clip.

Medals are die struck, engraved or printed metal with enamel.

We offer a wide range of printing and die cast or engraving possibilities for finishing options.

If your budget needs careful management, then we suggest you add epoxy onto printed aluminium as this gives a smart budget-friendly finish with a gorgeous glossy look.

For a smarter, higher budget option we suggest die struck brass, iron or zinc with hard or soft enamel, with high gloss epoxy.

The quality of “Cloisonne” (hard enamel) is beautiful and timeless on these individually hand-crafted works of art.  “Soft Cloisonne” (imitation hard enamel) is a more budget-friendly option and can look very similar in quality.  Other metal production options are available such as photo etching and die cast moulds.  If all of these choices are putting your head in a spin, we do have a very knowledgeable sales team who will be able to talk you through the myriad number of options on various metal qualities and processes and they will guide you through what will be best for your needs.

Various plating finishes are available such as gold, polished nickel free nickel and antique bronze or silver. These metal items can also be roll plated to reduce costs.

Medals can be ordered with various ribbon weaves either branded or unbranded.  We would be happy to advise you.

Sampling: Sampling and Origination approx. £90 – £150

Sampling Lead Time: About 2-3 weeks

Bulk Production: Approx 3-4 weeks

Minimum Order: 500

For Metal Pin Badges: Click Here

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