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One can never have enough pens! Whether you want to sell in a gift shop as a branded souvenir of your visitor attraction or wish to leave a few in the reception area of your corporate premises for visitors to take so that they remember your company; or if you want to ensure your conference delegates have something to write with, then a promotional pen is a perennial favourite.

We have many designs and colours to choose from as well as a variety of opening/closing mechanisms to select from. We are especially fond of LIQUID PENS where we have been able to get shapes floating in liquid in a clear barrel that has been die-cut and printed with relevant branding. If you don’t want a liquid pen we can show you a variety of designs for your bespoke pen and discuss your requirements with you. Please contact us to discuss this further.

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Eco options include:

We offer ranges of pens, which are sustainably printed, produced with 100% renewable energy, and based on 4 sustainable materials:

  • Bio sourced and bio-based materials
  • Paper from sustainably managed forests
  • Recycled materials
  • Recycled & recyclable paper
  • Use FSC-certified wood, which is biodegradable and sustainably sourced
  • Recyclable metal

To discover more about our environmental sustainability, ethical policies, SEDEX membership, and more… visit our Eco Page.

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Promotional Branded Pens
Promotional Branded Pens
Promotional Branded Pens
Promotional Branded Pens
Promotional Branded Pens
Promotional Branded Pens

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