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British Tags is committed to an ethos of sustainability, and the protection of our natural environment. We are committed to working towards the reduction of our carbon footprint, both in terms of our range of products that we offer and in terms of our work practices. All staff receive training on our company environmental policy, including detailed training on our products. British Tags also encourages and expects all of its suppliers to share the environmental goals within this policy, and to contribute towards a process of continuous improvement in relation to the environment. Additionally, we encourage our clients to join with us on this journey towards a cleaner environment and a longer life for this planet.

We should all understand the inherent dangers of pollution. For example, plastic pollution causes extensive distress to land, waterways and oceans, with severe adverse affects to wildlife, habitats and humans. As of 2018 about 380 million tons of plastic was being produced worldwide, with 8 million tonnes of plastic end up in our oceans every year, killing and harming marine life. We are just beginning to realise the scale of the problem. British Tags is committed to helping towards minimising pollution.

British Tags has commenced work with environmental experts including Surrey University and Nottingham Trent University relating to the life cycle of products, and we are continually investigating new eco friendly material alternatives and developing ranges of more environmentally friendly products. Our ultimate goal is a carbon neutral product offering across our various ranges of branded labelling, packaging and promotional products.

We are committed to offering clients advice regarding the provenance of both the materials and ecological transparency of the manufacturing process in the products that we supply. We have a company presentation available for all our clients with an extensive range of more environmentally friendly, sustainable products and materials, including organic, biodegradable, compostable, renewable and recyclable options. We also offer clients the opportunity to reduce their plastic packaging with alternative packaging materials such as tissue paper, recycled card packaging, recyclable and biodegradable bags.

We recognise that in terms of all of our work practices that we should be environmentally aware and take practical measures where possible to minimise any impact upon the environment. Examples of such practical measures include the below :

  • We are committed to working towards a paperless office system
  • Biodegradable paper envelopes are used for marketing purposes for sample packs
  • British Tags 2021 brochure is printed on carbon balanced card in association with the Woodland Trust
  • British Tags has a Green Travel Plan, encouraging the use of public transport, and a Cycle To Work Scheme. Both of these initiatives help to reduce carbon emissions.
  • Where practicable, we encourage clients to use sea freight for freighting goods from overseas to try and limit our carbon emissions, and seafreight has been used for over 50% of such products since 2017.
  • We are a non-user of toxic products and actively recycle paper products used in context of our business.
  • We use high efficiency, low energy lighting and power sources and aim to cut power consumption by careful management of requirements.
  • We continue to source factories that can offer environmentally friendly materials such as 100% recycled yarns, cards and other materials, together with biodegradable, compostable and recyclable products. Factories with strong environmental procedures and credentials such as ISO14001 are preferred.
  • We promote recycled boards for ticketing and related packaging and the use of FSC papers from sustainably managed forests
  • We have company procedures in place to help to ensure compliance with Timber Law, whose essence is to help to protect any illegal deforestation across the planet.
  • Our products are manufactured in accordance with REACH standards, which ensure that dangerous and polluting chemicals and SVHC’s (substances of very high concern) are not present so as to cause any possible issue in any product.
  • We actively recycle paper, in particular obsolete stock of swing tickets, boxes and paper based products. We contract our recycling to the below organisation, and all recycling records are held for 7 years:

Chambers Waste Management Plc

Clay Lane

Jacobs Well


Surrey GU4 7NZ

  • We can offer assistance to clients in terms of recycling unwanted products, including metal recycling with certification


As a Sedex member we are committed to being a responsible business, sourcing responsibly, and improving ethical standards and working conditions within the supply chain.

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