British Tags has always been a leader in its field through a continual desire for improvement and innovation. A quest for knowledge. Our attitude towards our environmental responsibility is no different. So, if reducing your carbon footprint is a goal, then please speak to us and we can guide you through the sustainable packaging options we offer.

The picture around the term ‘environmentally friendly’ is not a clear one. Our role at British Tags is to help you help the planet. We can advise you as to the provenance of both the materials and the ecological transparency of the manufacturing process for. Guiding our customers through the minefield of environmental jargon, false claims and misleading statements that seem to pervade our industry, so that you have all the facts to help you choose the most sustainable solution for your business with our environmentally friendly packaging.


For our satin and taffeta woven labels we can use recycled yarn, if you request it. For bespoke eco-friendly cotton printed labels we can supply using organic cotton, which has a more sustainable provenance than commercially produced raw cotton.

Most quotes are provided within 24 hours. Our minimum quantities are generally 1,000, though pricing comes right down per unit on quantities of 5,000 and above.

All labels are bespoke to your needs, so we simply cannot give a standard price list. Please send an enquiry and we can prove our very keen price promise.


For customised eco-friendly swing tickets and sustainable branded hang tags as well as bespoke environmentally-friendly branded boxes, rope-handled paper carrier bags and pillow packs we can offer you a range of options:

Recycled card
First-time use paper sourced from responsibly managed forests
Unlaminated recyclable papers, which makes onward recycling much more efficient.


Is plastic good for our environment?
“The thing that is so galling about plastic pollution, in particular, is that it is so utterly unnecessary. The plastic in our oceans ought never to have got there in the first place.” – David Attenborough

The easy answer to the above is to say ban all plastics. However, this is to negate the other truth about plastic… as a material it helps us to do more with less.

“The conventional HDPE bag had the lowest environmental impacts … in eight of the nine impact categories (even if you only use it once)” – Environmental Agency Life Cycle analysis of carrier bags, 2006

So, how about biodgradable?
We can supply what are termed ‘biodegradable poly bags’ but research by the university of Loughborough on behalf of DEFRA showed “The overall conclusion of this review is that incorporation of additives into petroleum-based plastics that cause those plastics to undergo accelerated degradation does not improve their environmental impact and potentially gives rise to certain negative effects.” (the material does not biodegrade 100% and will still leave micro plastics in the soil.)

So what is the answer? Well at British Tags we do not believe the answer is a simple yes or no to plastic. Plastic is one of the most environmentally friendly materials around and at the same time it is one of the most destructive. The problem arises through how it is managed. Products should be chosen carefully and respectfully, plastic should be used as a way to minimise the use of valuable resources and reduce our impact on the environment. Most of all, plastic should be re-used as much as possible and then at the end of life it should be recycled.

So if you are looking for a good environmental option, perhaps you should talk to us about a recyclable and reusable polythene made from a 50% recycled film (not 100% recycled) which will give the strength it needs to be reused many times over, taking full advantage of this amazing material and then you can create a design to educate on multiple re-use and finally responsible recycling. There is even more work being done in the area of environmentally friendly plastic bags and the use of sugar cane is looking promising. We can discuss these options with you to help your bags become something that really does reduce your business’s environmental impact.


We are very conscious of the need to protect our environment, and to that end we offer ranges of biodegradable fabric carrier bags, recycled boards, paper bags and ecological yarns on woven labels, within our own environmental policy. For more information please click here.


Our aim is to deliver from our offices anywhere in the world within 24 hours, wherever possible. We also offer global courier, airfreight and seafreight services and we can assist in tracking any shipment for you. We can also work with your own nominated freight carrier if you prefer.

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