26 Oct


  • By: Catherine
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“Eco-friendly”, “environmental-friendly”, “challenging climate change” ….. all of these are phrases that we hear every day from customers who want to do as much as they can to ensure they are minimising their carbon footprint and taking care not to produce wasteful products. 

So how can one make sure that the branded packaging, labelling and promotional products you need, and which we supply, to sell or market your business fit the bill? 

This is a question we ask ourselves throughout each week – how can we make what we provide you with friendly to this great planet we inhabit?   To do this we ask ourselves three questions: 

  • Can the product be made from recycled materials? 
  • Can the product be made from material that is easily recycled? 
  • Can the product be made from material that can be easily composted? 

These three questions drives our thinking and whilst we continue to work with our factories to develop along these lines we will also add to our web pages information  of how a product can be made more climate friendly using this symbol. 

So if you are looking for branded woven labels then go to our woven labels page and scroll till you see the and there you will see we can make labels from recycled bottles, plant leather and fruit fibres. 

Or you may be looking for promotional wristbands and on that page you can see that we offer a bamboo fibre option as well as woven recycled polyester yarn. 

And even the humble customised plastic carrier can now be made from 100% potato starch which is fully compostable (use it to line your food waste when you’ve finished with it), or from 100% sugar cane.  Clever, huh? 

That little green triangle is all over our website and we are constantly updating because, like you, we love our planet and want to make sure it is there, in a healthy state, for our children and grandchildren and their children and grandchildren, for centuries to come. 

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