18 Jun

Internet Packaging

It’s a wrap! 


We human beings are so amazingly adaptable.  Our instinct for survival means that come a pandemic we know how to keep shopping!  In 10, 20, 50 years’ time when social historians look back at major shifts in human behaviour, 2020 and the Covid19 pandemic will be pinpointed as the moment when everything changed, when there was an unprecedented explosion in digital and e-commerce shopping, when we all learned that we could have whatever we wanted via a few taps and clicks on our mobile phone.  For some the Covid19 pandemic has been a major opportunity to shift gear business-wise, dump the expensive shop front and start trading from a spare room, or a friend’s garage or a massive commercial warehouse and get to know a courier company really, really well.


Last year, we here at British Tags noticed an increased number of enquiries for branded e-commerce packaging.  Our entrepreneurial customers wanted luxury branded packaging such as gorgeous customised rigid-lid-and-base-boxes to showcase their wares, whilst also looking for branded packaging supplies of the flat-pack internet carton that would enable safe mailing, but that also gave their brand name some promotion.   Who doesn’t feel that excitement when the postman knocks (usually whilst you are in the middle of a Zoom call with your boss!) and there on your doorstep is the branded box from your favourite store lovingly encasing the items you only bought yesterday with a few clicks whilst you surfed on your phone during the TV ad break?   One ‘hamper gifts by post’ company told us that 2020 was like pre-season Christmas trading almost all year long with a massive surge in online spending and they believe that this new digital purchasing habit of ours is a runaway unstoppable train.  It certainly seems plausible.

The e-commerce market explosion is set to continue to see remarkable growth as the world gets back on its feet.  In 2021 the e-commerce share of global retail trade went from 14% in 2019 to roughly 17% in 2020.  In 2021 the need for e-commerce customised boxes will soar again as the market for this type of trading is projected to hit £80,678 million.  With annual growth rate in digital online trade expected to increase 3.5% year on year, by 2025 the UK will be buying online to the tune of around £92,500 million!


As UK experts in branded packaging for the e-commerce market, British Tags is able to design, sample and deliver unique boxes for our customers, whether this be custom-made gift boxes with or without magnetic closure, corrugated box wraps for safe delivery of products by post or courier,  flat packed printed cartons or branded hard shell case boxes with bespoke inserts. Subject to status we also offer free storage for 12 months at our large Guildford-based warehouse with delivery arranged as and when you need your boxes within a 24-48 hour window.  Not only do we not charge for this storage, but you only pay for your stock when it is delivered.  This helps your cashflow and allows you to bulk purchase (to get a better per/item price) and only pay when we deliver the piecemeal numbers you want.   What’s not to like?   Want to know more how we can help your e-commerce offering look like it means business when it drops onto mats around the UK (or even the world)?


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