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How to Effectively Use Promotional Products to Increase Brand Awareness

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The majority of most businesses (if not all) have a mission to attract new customers and to create a strong relationship so that they come back for more. In order to achieve this, strategies and campaigns are put into place to attract new customers and drive sales, as well as build on the bond with existing customers. To reach this result, it does not have to cost an arm and leg producing an over the top TV advert or occupying the billboards in the city centre.

Using promotional products to push your brand to the front of both consumers’ and clients’ consciousness is a simple and highly effective idea that does not cost the earth…

Branded promotional products are everywhere and are an easily accessible marketing tool that companies can use. They come in the form of branded yute bagslanyardsstationerykey ringswristbandsmagnets and so much more. You will often see promotional products being given out as freebies at networking and social events. They are a perfect gift to give to your clients to remind them whenever they see it, who you are and what you did for them. For example, in a corporate meeting, if a client is using a pen or notebook with your brand name and logo displayed on it, everyone in that meeting will see it. Every time they use that pen or notebook, your brand is pushed into the spotlight and becomes familiar in their subconscious. This means that when they see the logo they will know who it belongs to and what they do.

How You Can Use Promotional Products Effectively

Focus on Your Target Market

Before you begin planning the orders of your promotional products, analyse what it is that you want to achieve from these products. Once you know this, you can start to think about what you will need to do to get where you want to be.

When making your promotional products, it is essential that you have your target market in mind always. If you are selling products to children or younger audiences, you could have branded balloons or stickers that they will enjoy interacting with and actually use. Products such as pens and notebooks are a more generic product that pretty much every audience uses. As an example, if you are a beauty salon, having branded button mirrors to give to your clients would be effective in providing them with something useful and desirable.

Materials Reflect

When using promotional products, it is important that you avoid using cheap materials as this will reflect badly on your brand. Customers may associate the poor quality of your promotional product to be an accurate representation of the quality of your services or products. Longevity comes hand in hand with high quality products and if they last longer then customers are more likely to use them for a longer period of time without throwing them out for new ones.

Competitors’ Actions

What promotional products are your competitors giving out to their clients and consumers? Can you learn from their mistakes and their success? By analysing the actions your competitors are taking in terms of their marketing strategy, you can easily gather information about what they are doing and whether it is successful or not. This is a cost effective way of conducting research into a promotional product.

If you look at the majority of businesses, they give out branded pens, bags and badges, so why not get creative and think of something outside the box that will make customers remember you. At British Tags we have a selection of unique branded promotional products such as bespoke cuff-links or branded dog leads which are sure to make your brand stand out.


When deciding which promotional products to use, have your brand mission and operations in mind. By choosing a product that reflects your business activities you are reminding the consumer about what you do as a brand. For example, a coffee shop giving out reusable branded coffee cups is an effective way of reinforcing the message that they are at the forefront when one thinks about and drinks coffee.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a business just starting up or a well established corporate brand, promotional products are the way to the customers’ hearts and subconscious. Without realising it, the repetitive use of promotional products establishes a memorable brand within a consumers’ thinking. This marketing tool is a must and by following our steps you can effectively use branded products to promote your business.

If you want your business to benefit from the marketing tool that is promotional products, get in touch with us here at British Tags now and make an enquiry. We offer a bespoke service and work with you to enhance and reinforce your brand.

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