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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Promotional Product

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From pens, notebooks, jute bags to button mirrors and coffee cups, promotional products are used by almost all businesses. They are the perfect way to enhance your marketing strategy and engage with a wider audience. A study found that 85% of people who received a promotional item did business with that brand afterwards. So how do you know which promotional product out of the endless catalogue of options is the best for your business? Here are our top tips for choosing the perfect promotional product to reflect your brand.

What Does Your Audience Want?

There has to be a useful aspect of the promotional product. For example, students are more likely to use a promotional pen or notebook than stay-at-home parents would. 77% of customers say that the number 1 reason to keep a promotional product is if it is useful. If your product serves a purpose in the consumer’s day-to-day life, they are going to repeatedly use it and their attention will be on your brand more times than not throughout the day.

Focusing on your target market and the everyday items they use, you can choose a promotional product that consumers won’t throw away. The product should represent what your business provides so that your consumers will want to keep it. For example, a pet store could choose branded dog leads to hand out to exhibitors at expos, shows or in-store.

Further, focusing on products that have the environment in mind will not only satisfy consumers but will mean that the product won’t need to be thrown anyway any time soon. Choosing a 12-month promotional calendar will be great, but only for a year whereas choosing fabric bags for life will have longevity in mind.

Align The Product With Your Company

When choosing the perfect promotional product, having a mutual alignment of features with your brands such as colour and style can make your marketing strategy stronger. Consumers will find it easier to associate your brand with your core colour scheme and font for example and will be able to spot you from a mile away in a crowd of your competitors.

Choose a Product That Most People Own and Use

There are promotional products that will be used more times a day than others, for example, the reusable branded coffee cup will be used daily, whereas a branded USB stick may not. So in order to get the most out of your promotional product, focus on the popular product categories. In terms of category, wearable promotional products are the most popular followed by writing instruments and then bags.

Collect Feedback

It can be hard to find out from all the users what they think of your promotional products and whether or not they have thrown it away or how many times they’ve used it. However, you can use forms of feedback such as surveys to find out what your customers thought of your items and what promotional product they would like to receive. This way you can maximise the likelihood of people using the product and keeping it for a longer period of time, therefore increasing the number of times people engage with your brand.

By talking to all types of customers, new and loyal, you can gauge an understanding into what promotional products they want to see whilst also thanking them for choosing you over competitors.

Whether you are a small business just starting out, or a global success, customers love receiving useful and out of the box promotional items. Here at British Tags, we work with you to understand your customer’s needs and wants; get in touch with us today to see how we can help you.

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